May 2024

Universal version control and rich text on Automerge

In this dispatch we're sharing some updates about our ongoing research on universal version control.

Feb 2024

OS of the future and universal version control

In this dispatch we're spotlighting Alexander Obenauer's work on the future of personal computing and introducing our new research project.

Dec 2023

Making a new medium and other recaps

It's always nice to celebrate publications and presenting our research in public, but much of our work are ongoing journeys. So, in this end of the year dispatch we wanted to share some recaps and talk a bit about one of our longest standing research tracks: programmable ink.

Nov 2023

On Embark and Lude

Some of you have expressed an interest in knowing more about what’s going on at the lab—wish granted! In this first dispatch, we want to share some of our recent work on Malleable Software with Embark, talk a bit about our Researchers-in-Residence program, and introduce you to Mary Rose Cook.